Established with the aim of combining the group strengths and years of experience in the logistics field to provide a single platform which caters to all the customer’s needs. Our business model, in general, is to facilitate and help our customers to stay agile, with adaptable, connected solutions.
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Our Vision

With precision in delivery and setting a benchmark, Wheels4x plans to deliver a full suit industry-defining solutions. We are equipped to put innovation, automation and connected data to work, with a focus on customer delight and also help them to be safer, efficient and productive.
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Our Mission

We are committed to delivering, by blending, efficient operations with effective time management and ensuring the achievement of our goals. Our Mission is to provide a comprehensive system that delivers quantifiable savings in fuel, productivity and vehicle maintenance.
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Our Goal

To grow at a steady and responsible pace to a position of strength and prominence in our areas of operation. Being proactive towards the work and to keep things abreast of changes and developments. In simple ways, we want to explore every new possible solution to each unique problem.
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Our Target

Our dedicated fleet service should provide the ability to improve the services to a variety of customers, while proportionally focusing on the business strategy and continuously improving the service through the use of technology and an operating commitment.


Real-time demand insights and demand shaping
Integrated execution for adaptive and agile supply chain
Optimized product designs and product management
Integrating supply chain operations with corporate business planning
Embed sustainability for a reliable supply chain operation